Research Decisions Alliance, LLC

Helping our Customers Make

Better   |   Informed   |   Decisions


 Research Decisions Alliance, LLC (RD-Alliance) is a Veteran Owned Small Business founded in 2019 with headquarters in Ellicott City, Maryland. We provide Operations Research Analysis and Industrial/Organizational Psychology solutions, helping our customers make better-informed, evidence-based decisions. 

RD-Alliance provides its management consulting expertise to government and non-government agencies, as well as industry and non-profit organizations. We have extensive experience in enterprise engineering and major Federal acquisitions. In-depth knowledge of the customer, technology, human factors, and community processes, enables RD-Alliance to provide best value solutions. Our personnel provide the experience and knowledge needed to deliver the solution on time and within cost. Prior military service and direct support to multiple government agencies is a key ingredient in our experience. RD-Alliance can work in any government security environment to support our Nation’s needs. 


Operations Research Expertise



Management consulting, technology and systems analysis consulting for government and industry clients. Areas of expertise expand among technology effectiveness analysis, decision support facilitation, organizational development and change management, statistical analysis, probability distributions, discrete and stochastic models, modeling and simulation, metrics development, and discrete numerical analysis.

I/O Psychology Engagement Strategies



Leveraging from principles of psychology to human resources, administration, management, sales, and marketing problems to increase work product quality and overcome resistance to changes. We apply data science, decision-making support strategies, and human capital to drive organizational development and transformation, influencing workforce strategies, and ultimately, improving the alignment of people to strategy.

Training & Coaching


We apply our skills as decision scientist to understand and improve the judgment and decision making of individuals, groups, and organizations. Expertly apply principles of psychology to business, analytic and other decision making processes to improve and empirically evaluate those processes. 

Organizational training activities include assisting in policy planning; workflow procedures testing and evaluation, analytic workflow redesign, training and development. We work directly with management to prescribe modifications, as needed, to improve your productivity and analytic judgment.